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Nottoway River Alaskan Malamutes


AKC Registered Puppies
We focus on temperament and quality.  Our desire is to produce healthy, beautiful malamutes with sweet temperaments to make the perfect pets.   Each one of our puppies are played with daily and socialized with children and other animals.  We believe that good temperament is not only hereditary, but also taught and encouraged by love. 
Angie and David are phenomenal and caring individuals who are amazingly professional and great communicators. Our furbaby arrived safe and sound and is healthy and happy in his new home! We are extremely pleased with how well he was loved and cared for before coming home to us. Highly recommend Nottoway River Alaskan Malamutes if you want an amazing experience with a wonderful family!
Cindy and Joe

Brought our adorable little guy home on Monday. Nottoway River clearly loved this puppy very well prior to us getting him. Definitely would recommend them to anyone looking to get a malamute puppy!

Alaskan Malamute Puppies

Standard Size  Puppies​

Pups born 12/17/18

Ready for Homes 2/21/19

Sirius & Sakari 



My mother's female Sakari and Sirius had a litter of 9 puppies on December 27, 2018.   Sirius and Sakari are both standard size.  Sirius has a long wooly coat.  Sakari has a short coat.  Puppies tend to have short coats. They tend to be sable & white, gray & white and on occasions seal & white.  Previous pups from these parents have ranged from 75-106 pounds. The puppies will be ready for new homes on February 21, 2019.  We do have a waitlist for these puppies. We are in the process of notifying the people on the people currently on the waitlist, but still have a few pups available. Please call soon if you are interested. 
Price: $1500 

PERSONALITIES:  Yes, we are all into Marvel Comics.  The kids wanted to name the puppies after Stan Lee's characters to honor him since he recently died.  We tried to name them based on what characteristics we notice so far.  They are still very young and developing their personalities, but they had fun naming them.  So far the puppies are all very sweet and love to be handled. They have not started developing personalities where you can see a lot of differences yet.  I can say that Quill and Thor are probably the most active right now. That can change any day.  

Only 2 Male puppies left available.
Don't miss out!
Adult males from previous litters tend to be 90-110 lbs.

Boy: Quill       7weeks old               ID #59           Available  $1500

AKC Limited Registration
(no confirmation shows no breeding rights)

Quill was reserved but the person had some changes and had to wait for a future litter. Quill is the 2nd largest of the boys.  He has a happy go lucky personality.  He is the darkest gray in color.   This picture was taken during his vet visit. He was such a good boy.  The vet said all of the puppies were the picture of health. They had their first shots and will be ready for their new homes Thursday 2/21/2019. 

Boy: THOR       7 weeks old               ID #71           Reserved

AKC Limited Registration
(no confirmation shows no breeding rights)

Thor is a sweet and cuddly boy but loves to play too. He is the third largest male of 9 puppies.  He will be a little lighter gray color than Quill.  

Pups from Their Previous Litter

AKC Registered Puppies

Colors and Size

AKC registration-   All puppies are sold with limited registration.  This means the dog cannot be bred or compete in confirmation shows. They can do most anything else. 
 The puppies from our breeding program tend to be Black & White, Seal & White, Sable & White, Grey & White.  They are expected to be standard to large standard.  Anywhere from 75-115lbs for females and 85-130lbs for males depending on the parents. 

What You Get

How to Reserve Your Malamute Puppy

Micro Chipping
Our puppies will be microchipped for safety.  You will be given the enrollment information and chip number. 
Vet Check
Our puppies have regular vet check ups and will be up to date on shots and wormings. 
Health Guarantee
Our puppies come with a health guarantee.
AKC Registration
Our puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club and are sold as pets.  They will have limited registration.  (No breeding rights or conformation shows) Please see AKC's website regarding "limited registration". 
Deposits are accepted on litters. We reserve the right to choose breeders choice out of each litter. Then it is first come first serve - which means - the first person to place a deposit gets first pick after breeders choice, and so on. At time of placing deposit for a future litter you must choose sex of pup you are requesting. After that, you have 3 weeks from birth of litter to choose your pup.  This is recommended to get a better idea of color and coat. 
A $500.00 deposit is due to reserve your puppy. All deposits are non-refundable.   Your deposit comes off the price of the puppy.   For example if your puppy cost is $1500, then you will owe a balance of $1000.   Puppies are chosen in the order of when deposits are received.   Full payment is required by the time your puppy is 7 weeks old if you decide to ship. 

If for some reason you need to us to keep a puppy for you past the age of 8 weeks old we are happy to help.   We charge $50 per week for boarding and food.
Contact us today by phone or email (go to the contact page)