Nottoway River Alaskan Malamutes

Mika is the Dam (mother) of these pups.
Pictures of Sirius' Previous Puppies
Mika is a large standard and is Seal and White.  Her fur is standard coat (not wooly). 
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Jacob is a black and white male from Mika and Sirius.  He is the puppy in the oval picture above.  Jacob is typically fluffy.  He shed his puppy fur. It flufs back up. 

6 Weeks

6 Months

9 Months

Khione is a seal and white female. She is a larege standard. Her fur gets very fluffy in the wither and is shorter in our Virginia Summer heat. 

1 year

1 1/2 years

Previous Litter from Terra

Terra is light red and white.  She is about 110 pounds.  She comes from some of the oldest malamute lines. 
Tudra belongs to another breeder.  He was studded to Terra.  Tundra is black and white and about 120 pounds. This picture is when he was a bit younger.  
Puppies born 8/21/15
Terra (Kahlua The Midnight Skye) had 7 heathy puppies!
5 girls 2 boys  2 Gray & White all others were Sable & White.  All were long hair woolies.  All of the puppies ears stood up.  All were giant malamutes like mom and dad. 

4 weeks old

Play Time

Terra's Past Puppies


The kids fell in love with this pup and no one could say no to them this time. Nova is adorable and has the best personality!
My stister gave this little gem a home.  She has turned into a giant gem!



My mother fell in love with this one and who can say no to their mom?  She is adorable and very sweet.  She is going to be very large, but a gentle giant.