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Nottoway River Alaskan Malamutes

Our Mals

5 Months

Standard Size Malamutes

Male:  Nottoway's Super Sirius Howler​​
Sirius is our Stud. Sirius is four years old.  The kids wanted to call him Sirius Black.  We just could not name him after a Harry Potter character.  We do like the name Sirius after the dog star (ancestral).  He is also a super serious howler.  Our favorite howl sounds like he is saying "I Love Yoooou".
Sirius color is documented as Black and White because that is what he was when he was born, but as he aged his coat has turned to the Alaskan Seal and White.  If you look closely his undercoat is creamish/beige.

Sirius is considered standard size.  He is approximately 80 pounds and  his height is 26 inches at the shoulders.
OFA Certification:  Cardiac - Normal
                                 Hips - Good
                                 Elbows - Normal
Female: Kyra
Kyra is a sweet beauty.  She has a long wooly coat. Her color is Sable and White. Kyra has some red in her genes.  Kyra is a loving mother and friend to all. 

Kyra is standard size. She is approximatly 75 pounds and her height is 24 inches at the shoulders. 

OFA Certification:  Cardiac - Normal
                                 Hips - Fair
                                 Elbows - Normal

Extra Large Malamutes

Male:  Ural Hill's Polar Express  (Chief)
We got Chief from Ural Hill Sled Dogs.  Chief is a sweet heart!  He has a wonderful temperment and is very loving.   Chief is all white.  We consider him an extra large malamute.  

Female:  Nottoway's Mega Ruby

Ruby was born dark mahogany Red.  Her color changes as she grows. 

We are not sure how large Ruby will get.  Her breeder considered her parents Giants because they were over 100lbs.  They were not as tall or long as our Giants.  We know she is going to be Extra Large.  So far it looks like there is the possiblity she will be GIANT.  We will see as she grows. 

Ruby has the sweetest personality!  She is very loving! 

We got Ruby Christmas of 2017

10 Weeks Old

Giant Malamutes

Note:  Malamutes come in all sizes. AKC does not distinguish between standard size and giant. Giants typically do not fall in the desired AKC standars. Please note our giant malamutes are not just large (over 100 pounds) their height and lenth is larger than the standard size. 

Male​:  Kingfisher's Maximus of Nottoway Rive​​r "MAX"
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
Max comes from King Fisher in  ALASKA!  He came a long way to be with us.  At 1 year old Max is 130 lbs and 33 inches to the shoulder and has another year to grow.  
He is going to be a big boy!

We decided to invest in a giant male in hopes to breed with our giant females.  He is still a pup, but will grow quick!  His father, Kingfisher's Klondike, is 165 pounds.  His mother, Kingfisher's Diamond Blitz, is a big girl as well at 130 lbs.  

Though Max looks gray and white he has a lot of red in his genes. Max's father is red and white.  His mother has red genes.  Our giant girls have red genes as well.  Hopefully we will get some red pups in the future.  

His personality is very sweet and playful. He appeared to be very well socialized and healthy when we got him.  We can tell Joshua and Jaime did a great job with him.  We are so happy to have him in our family!                                  
                                                               Max is truly a Gentle Giant!

6 Weeks

8 Weeks

9 Weeks

10 Weeks

Female: Terra
Terra (Kalhua the Midnight Skye) is a giant!  She is literally huge.  Terra is 3 years old.  She is approximately 115 pounds. She is 29 inches at the shoulders.  Her length is 31 inches.  She towers over the other females.  She is light red and white.  Terra is a great mother!  No Terra's ears do not stand up.  She is so large, her ears are too.  The person who raised her never helped her train them.  So far all of Terra's puppies ears have stood up on their own.  

OFA Certification:  Cardiac - Normal
                                 Hips - Good
                                 Elbows - Normal